ISMP 2009 Chicago


Thank you for agreeing to organize a session for the 20th International Symposium of Mathematical Programming in Chicago Illinois

Deadline for Abstract Submission: April 15, 2009

Please note: all attendees must register and pay the registration fee.

Before Going Online: Information You Will Need

  • Title or preliminary title of your session
  • First and last name and email address of each Presenting Author in your session

The Process

(1) Go to Under "Session Chair" click "LOG-IN."

(2) At Session Chair Log-in

  1. Enter your email address (if you have multiple emails, please use the same address we used in our email to you).
  2. Enter your email address again as your password.
  3. Click "LOGIN"

(3) Session Chair Information

  1. Complete your contact information (all required fields). You can change your password here, but be sure to print the screen so you have it for future use.
  2. NOTE: your email address is the key for entry into the system and is used to avoid scheduling conflicts. It's very important that you use only one email address if you enter multiple submissions.
  3. Click "SAVE"

(4) Session Information

  1. Enter the title of your session (you can edit this later).
  2. Follow the instructions provided to enter your presenting authors and their email addresses.
  3. You can add, edit or delete presenting author information at a later date, if necessary.
  4. You can check the status of the papers in your session at any time by clicking on STATUS.
  5. You can specify the order of presentations in your session by clicking ORDER (you can change the order at any time).
  6. Follow the instructions to email each presenting author. FIRST SELECT the author, then select the invitation or confirmation email. These "boilerplate" emails provide submission instructions to your authors. (You can use the "standard" email to compose your own message to authors.)
  7. Click CLOSE

Your Session Chairs will each receive an email message from you inviting them to present or confirming their participation in your cluster and providing submission instructions.


Questions about the program or technology interface difficulties: Paulette Bronis at
By telephone: 800-4INFORMS or 443-757-3500 ext. 544.
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Submission Instructions

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instructions in PDF


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